five acres; four generations

We are a small homestead in northern California. Four generations living in community, dedicated to faith, family, and intentional living.

latest stories

holding the homestead

Jake and I are holding the homestead ourselves this week. The rest of the family is on a vacation they’d had booked for two years. They almost cancelled it after my uncle’s death, but we encouraged them to go —all of the funeral prep had already been taken care of and we could handle anything … Continue reading holding the homestead

ora et labora

One of the things we’ve experienced over and over again throughout this entire homesteading process is the blessing of community. Whether it’s consulting with friends about trenching or asking our farmer friends for advice on irrigation, each accomplishment has been a product of community. One of our dear friends drove up from the LA area … Continue reading ora et labora

trenches and trisagions

We were in the middle of our usual homesteading projects when our plans for this week changed suddenly Tuesday evening. My mom’s younger brother, my uncle, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 49. We are still waiting to find out the cause, though we suspect a heart attack or a stroke. When tragedy strikes, … Continue reading trenches and trisagions

garden magic

This year, we haven’t been able to give as much attention to our garden as we would have liked. Between all of the construction projects for our house, different full-time and part-time jobs, death in the family, and the demand of our adorable baby, the garden was one of the first things to fall off … Continue reading garden magic